Dark Chocolate Florentines
Dark Chocolate Florentines


Prep: 15 mins
Cook: 12 mins
Quite Easy
Serves: 16

Nothing says how much you care than a homemade present at Christmas! And these mixed fruit and nut Florentines are so quick and easy. Pop them in a cellophane bag with some ribbon to make them look really professional.

Dark Chocolate Florentines
Fabulous! These are my go to biscuit - the recipe is easy to follow and results are amazing! Thank you for this amazing recipe!



Light brown soft sugar


Plain flour


Mixed dried fruit and nuts such as apricots, cranberries, toasted flaked almonds, desiccated coconut etc.


Dark chocolate


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Preheat the oven to 180°C, (160°C for fan ovens) or Gas Mark 4.

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Melt the butter and sugar in a non-stick saucepan. Add the condensed milk and heat until just bubbling, stirring all the time. Stir in the plain flour and mix until smooth. Add the dried fruit and nuts and mix well.

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Place teaspoonfuls of the mixture onto parchment lined baking sheets and bake for about 12 minutes until turning golden brown at the edges. Leave to cool on the tray.

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When cool, melt the chocolate then let it cool until it becomes thick and spreadable. Spread each biscuit with chocolate on the flat side and then drag a fork through the chocolate to make wavy lines.

Dark chocolate works really well but use a selection of different chocolates if you like. Try spiced orange or milk or white!

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