Neapolitan NESQUIK Fudge
Neapolitan NESQUIK Fudge

Neapolitan NESQUIK Fudge

Prep: 15 mins
CHILL: 1 hour
Super Easy
Serves: 50

This three layered chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate fudge is delicious and great fun to make!

Neapolitan NESQUIK Fudge
The fudge tastes absolutely amazing and looks so professional with the Neapolitan effect. 

White chocolate buttons


Nesquik Chocolate Powder


Nesquik Strawberry Powder


Few drops natural pink food colouring

You will also need:

18cm square cake tin or plastic food box and baking parchment

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Line the cake tin or box with baking parchment so that it comes well up the sides (this makes it easier to lift out when its set).

Step 2 of 8

Put the condensed milk and chocolate into a large bowl and set over a pan of simmering water to melt (or you can very gently melt in the microwave in 20 second bursts).

Step 3 of 8

Put the Nesquik powders in two separate medium bowls and mix each to a paste with 1tbsp boiling water.

Step 4 of 8

When the chocolate mixture has melted, put one third into the chocolate mixture, one third into the strawberry mixture and keep on third plain white.  Mix the flavoured fudges well until completely combined.  Add a few drops of pink colouring to the strawberry mix if you want a deeper pink colour.

Step 5 of 8

Put the chocolate mixture into the tin and spread out with a spatula for an even layer.   Freeze for 5 minutes until set.

Step 6 of 8

Gently place the white chocolate fudge mixture over the top and spread out gently trying not to disturb the layer beneath. Freeze again 5 mins.

If your fudge is too hard to spread you can zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften it.

Step 7 of 8

Repeat with the strawberry layer and chill for 30 mins to 1 hour or until set firm.

Step 8 of 8

Cut into 50 small squares and bag up to share!


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