Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes
Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes

Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes

Prep: 20 mins
Cook: 15 mins
Super Easy
Serves: 12

If you prefer you can bake this recipe in a loaf tin 900g (2lb) - enjoy a slice with a nice hot cup of coffee!

Coffee and Walnuts were meant to be together! Try these cupcakes with their creamy sweet latte style icing and the soft coffee sponge.

Coffee and Walnut Cupcakes
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Plain flour




Vanilla extract

½ tsp

Buttery baking spread*


Baking powder

1½ tsp

Nescafe Azera mixed with 1tbsp hot water



Icing sugar


Buttery baking spread*


few drops vanilla extract

Nescafe Azera

1½ tsp

Walnut halves


*recipe based on 70% fat baking spread

You will also need:

12 hole cupcake tin and cupcake cases

Step 1 of 4

Preheat the oven to 180°C, (160°C for fan ovens), Gas Mark 4.

Step 2 of 4

Put the cupcake ingredients in a bowl and beat (use an electric hand mixer if you have one!) until light and creamy.

Step 3 of 4

Put the cupcake cases into the tin and spoon in the mixture. Bake for about 15-18 minutes until springy. Cool slightly then lift out onto a cooling rack.

For perfectly even cupcakes use an ice cream scoop to put the mixture into the cases. 

Step 4 of 4

When cool, make the icing: Put the icing sugar, buttery baking spread and vanilla into a large bowl.  Mix the condensed milk and coffee together and add to the ingredients in the bowl.  Whisk with an electric hand mixer, slowly at first, to make a thick icing. Spread or pipe onto the cakes, topping with a walnut half to finish.

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