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  • 5 mins
    Chocolate Fondue
    Hot chocolate dip perfect with strawberries and other fruits
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  • 30 mins
    Cream-free Chocolate Mousse with Mixed Berry Layers
    Simple cream-free chocolate mousse with refreshing layers of fresh mixed berries.
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  • 22 mins
    Chocolate and Orange Fondant
    Zesty orange and chocolate pudding that oozes delicious sauce from the first mouthful.
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  • 1 hr
    Easy Baked Chocolate Cheesecake
    Classic baked American cheesecake with a chocolate twist.
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  • 55 mins
    Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe
    A classic chocolate cake, perfect for any occasion
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  • 35 mins
    Dipped Chocolate Profiteroles
    Delicate choux buns dipped in glossy chocolate and filled with decadent vanilla custard.
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  • 50 mins
    Chocolate Ice Cream and Caramelised Orange Pancakes
    Chocolate ice cream with freshly made warm pancakes. Delicious with caramelised orange slices.
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  • 55 mins
    Chocolate Fudge cake with Truffles
    For an extra treat, try our chocolate fudge cake with a twist. Homemade truffles on top for a truly special moment.
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