Three melt-in-the-mouth chocolate desserts to share this summer

Summer’s in full swing and we’ve got a trio of easy chocolate recipes. With the start of the football season and exciting sports events, this August is a brilliant time to gather with friends and family and celebrate a summer of fun.

Whatever adventures summer holds for you, whether you’re hosting a BBQ, watching or playing sport, our desserts will be a !tting addition.

So why not get adventurous in the kitchen? Try something new today!

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Berries

A delicate version of an all-time classic, complemented by fresh fruit. Choose a variety of summer berries to scatter on top for an elegant decoration! Why not make it for your friends and family this weekend?

Chocolate Ice Cream

Get your guests excited with this scrumptious and easy to make chocolate recipe. Scoops of silky chocolate ice-cream will go down a treat after any summer meal. It takes just 35 minutes to whip up, so why not give it a try this weekend?

Chocolate Fondue

Strawberries and chocolate... what a classic combination! You can dish up this taste sensation in just two easy steps, making it great for last-minute get-togethers. Get imaginative and use any fresh fruit you like.